Integrated Analysis Tool (IAT)

The Integrated Analysis Tool (IAT) model is centred on the context of an individual household and incorporates key biophysical and economic processes relating to crop and livestock production and marketing activities and the use of off-farm employment opportunities, and their interactions in the smallholder farming systems. It accommodates a diversity of current and potential farming systems (i.e. management, soil and climate), as well as variation in commodity prices, input costs and the availability of facilitating or constraining resources (e.g. land, labour, cash reserves, etc.).

The principal application of the IAT is to assess crop, livestock, and socio-economic outcomes from different proposed intervention strategies, and to assess the level of risk to different components of the household resources. The IAT was developed using the Excel© platform. As such, it is easy to operate by research or extension professionals in an interactive way with smallholders, and can be readily parameterised for application to new regions, potential changes in farming practices, etc. While the model can be run using data for a specific, individual household/farm, it has generally been applied in the context of a ‘generic’ or ‘typical’ household/farm.

The structure of the model is readily applicable to most smallholder farming systems in south-east Asia, Africa and elsewhere and additional crops, forages, animal types or other on-farm and off-farm enterprises can be added with varying degrees of modification of the underlying models. The IAT model can be run in any number of languages.

Refer to McDonald et al. (2019),  Lisson et al. (2010), the IAT Reference Guide and the IAT Users Guide for more information about the IAT model.

Download the IAT model here.

Download examples here:

Please note that IAT is no longer supported as it has been incorporated into the CLEM model. We recommend you use CLEM for your applications. CLEM can be downloaded as a part of the APSIM NextGen model. Registration and download for APSIM NextGen is available from here.