CSIRO Innovation Fund – Managed by Main Sequence Ventures

February 1st, 2021

Main Sequence Ventures is managing an Innovation Fund designed for a new kind of founder in which science and technology run deep.

If you’re behind a start-up or spin-off company born out of the public research sector with the potential to offer life-changing, high yielding ideas, you may be able to access venture funds to help transition research from lab and into the world.

Main Sequence Ventures will invest in companies translating research into global-scale businesses. We know that this takes more than money. We work harder to understand the world that these founders imagine. We are as comfortable in the lab as we are on the front-line with customers. We will invest capital, and ourselves, to systematically reduce risk and increase opportunity by combining the operational velocity of startups with the deep curiosity of Australia’s research sector.

The MSEQ mission: We are company builders and value creators with a mission to transform inspiring Australian research into epic global companies.

For more information and investor enquiries visit the MSWQ website