How we work

Question: How do we work?

Answer: Using the Hierarchy of Needs


The work of the Livelihoods and Adaptive Development Team is based on a socially innovative framework we have developed for learning and action, called the Hierarchy of Needs.

The purpose of the Hierarchy of Needs is to take a whole-of-system approach to ensure that our research has a positive impact on community well-being, even when problems are complex.

The Hierarchy of Needs

Using the Hierarchy of Needs, researchers and partners interact to address multi-scalar and multi-disciplinary challenges to improve community well-being. Our approach is built on social science foundations, with a focus on participatory and deliberative processes, the co-production of scientific, local and traditional knowledges with multiple stakeholders, systems thinking, and  adaptive learning and action.

For a more in-depth discussion of the Hierarchy of Needs, please see:

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