What we do:

Digital technology such as artificial intelligence (AI) is only as good as the data on which it is based. Data61’s Knowledge Discovery and Management research group develops new tools and techniques to extract, distil and disseminate data to support analytics and decision-making. Our particular interest is the human element of the digital economy. We are pioneers of natural language processing, helping to make the vast amounts of knowledge stored in the form of words more widely available. As a raw material for AI it is important that data is willingly shared and can be equitably accessed. We are contributing to the development of social and economic frameworks which can get the best value from data by facilitating sharing, while protecting individual rights. Another research focus is the impact of technology on the future of work, considering the skills which can help human workers become more productive, and how AI should be designed and implemented to complement, rather than substitute for, human abilities.

Our group’s interdisciplinary work supports a range of application and technology domains. Our diverse areas of expertise – natural language processing, network analysis, sociotechnical economics, and human factors – allow us to look at the changing world with different lenses and respond with insights and innovative solutions. Working within the same group, we can more easily bring our perspectives together and share the vision of a connected and equitable digital society.


Our application domains:

Industry 4.0/5.0


Environment and natural hazards

Digital services

Digital agriculture

Our technology domains:

AI and cybersecurity

Data in the real world

AI for science

Quantum technologies

Humans and machines