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The Language and Social Computing Team

We are researchers and engineers specialising in the areas of Natural Language Processing (and Computational Linguistics), Information Retrieval and User Modelling.

Team Leader: Dr Stephen Wan

What we do:  

We build research prototypes that transform large unstructured text collections into tools that provide actionable insights to assist with real-world business decisions.

Our systems use methods from text mining, information extraction, text summarisation, text clustering classification, machine learning, data integration and big data analytics.

We are interested in topics such as sentiment and emotion analysis, social media text analytics for mental health and social science, social network analysis, social media analytics for emergency crisis coordination, and enterprise document information systems.

We are part of the Knowledge Discovery and Management group which includes Human Dynamics, Cognitive Informatics and Behavioural Modelling.

Work with us:

 We have a set of tools for social media analytics that can facilitate other science research, for example in the medical, mental health or social sciences.

Are you looking for an Honours, Masters or PhD topic?  Contact us if you are interested in a post-graduate project!  For some projects, funding may be available.

Links with Industry and Academia: