What we do:  

The Language Technology team is an applied science team with capabilities in natural language processing (NLP), information retrieval (IR), statistics, and social media analytics. We use state-of-the-art methods from these research areas to create new tools that transform networked unstructured text data into business, research or societal insights, typically within a decision-support or research-support workflow.

We are interested in topics such as sentiment and emotion analysis, social media text analytics for mental health and social science, social network analysis, social media analytics for emergency crisis coordination, and enterprise document information systems.

We are part of the Human & Machines group, which includes Human Behaviour, Technology & Work, Digital Futures and Innovation Economics.

Work with us:

 We have a set of tools for social media analytics that can facilitate other scientific research, for example, in the medical, mental health, or social sciences.

Are you looking for an Honours, Masters or PhD topic?  Contact us if you are interested.  (Note: You will need to have a PhD enrolment at an Australian university.)   Local undergraduate and Masters students seeking internships are invited to contact us anytime.

Links with Industry and Academia: