Jonathan Chan


Dr. Jonathan Chan

Senior Research Engineer,
Information Security and Privacy Group
Software and Computational Systems Program
CSIRO Data61


email: jonathan{dot}chan{@}data61{dot}csiro{dot}au
phone: +61 2 9490 5640


Short Bio

Jonathan is a member of the Information Security and Privacy Group and the Data Privacy Team. Jonathan has technical skills in analysing data for re-identification risk and understanding the impact and risks in many statistical disclosure controls. He has been a valuable member of many projects that assessed privacy risks and evaluated the process of de-identification in government agencies and companies.

He previously led the IT infrastructure and security operations for the Labour Affairs Bureau of Macau, and was the manager of IT Security in Companhia De Telecomunicações Macau. He has in-depth knowledge in the implementation of  ISO 27001 compliant Information Security Management System and hands-on experience in managing security devices and writing programs in Apache Spark, Python and C. He holds a Ph.D. and B.E. from the University of New South Wales, and is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional.


He Jonathan is currently participating in a number of projects in conducting privacy risk assessment, integrating privacy risk assessment into enterprise workflow, applying privacy preserving technology in optimal power flow and food supply chain, and mobile bots detection.