Mahrokh Abdollahi Lorestani

Dr. Abdollahi Lorestani, Mahrokh

CERC Fellow,
Information Security and Privacy Group
Software and Computational Systems Programme




Mahrokh is a Postdoctoral Fellow at the ISP Group in Data61, CSIRO. she is deeply passionate about advancing privacy-preserving technologies and exploring the ethical implications of cutting-edge advancements in artificial intelligence and data science. Currently, she is actively engaged in groundbreaking research focused on preserving privacy for geo-spatial data, with the goal of safeguarding sensitive location details in today’s data-driven world. Leveraging her extensive expertise in machine learning and privacy methods, Mahrokh is committed to finding innovative ways to protect geo-spatial data while ensuring its practical utility. Her ultimate objective is to leverage foundation models to enhance the privacy of geospatial data.

In both academic and professional spheres, Mahrokh is driven by a diverse set of research interests that encompass critical domains, including differential privacy, federated learning, fairness in machine learning, cutting-edge advancements in 5G/6G networks and beyond, innovative foundation models, and the broader field of AI. She envisions her academic and professional journey as a means to create a lasting positive impact through research and innovation. Mahrokh eagerly anticipates making substantial contributions in these domains, collaborating with fellow researchers and professionals, and pushing the boundaries of knowledge and technology for the greater good.


Privacy Solutions for Agri-Food Geospatial Data: In this project, she is committed to addressing privacy concerns in the agri-food industry, with a specific focus on geospatial data. She is actively engaged in identifying and mitigating privacy challenges within this sector. Her work revolves around developing innovative privacy solutions to accommodate the distinctive requirements of the agri-food sector, ensuring that sensitive information remains secure while still being available for valuable insights.

Current Activities