Paper: Corner Detection Using Multi-directional Structure Tensor with Multiple Scales

March 12th, 2020

Corners are important features for image analysis and computer vision tasks. Local structure tensors with multiple scales are widely used in intensity-based corner detectors.

In this paper, the properties of intensity variations of a step edge, L-type corner, Y- or T-type corner, X-type corner, and star-type corner are investigated. The properties that we obtained indicate that the image intensity variations of a corner are not always large in all directions. The properties also demonstrate that existing structure tensor-based corner detection methods cannot depict the differences of intensity variations well between edges and corners which result in wrong corner detections.

We present a new technique to extract the intensity variations from input images using anisotropic Gaussian directional derivative filters with multiple scales. We prove that the new extraction technique on image intensity variation has the ability to accurately depict the characteristics of edges and corners in the continuous domain.

Furthermore, the properties of the intensity variations of step edges and corners enable us to derive a new multi-directional structure tensor with multiple scales, which has the ability to depict the intensity variation differences well between edges and corners in the discrete domain. The eigenvalues of the multi-directional structure tensor with multiple scales are used to develop a new corner detection method.

Finally, the criteria on average repeatability (under affine image transformation, JPEG compression, and noise degradation), region repeatability based on the Oxford dataset, repeatability metric based on the DTU dataset, detection accuracy, and localization accuracy are used to evaluate the proposed detector against ten state-of-the-art methods. The experimental results show that our proposed detector outperforms all the other tested detectors.

Thirty images (Bowyer et al. 1999) with different scenes as shown in Fig. 5 are used for measuring the average repeatability for the detectors.

Zhang, W., Sun, C. Corner Detection Using Multi-directional Structure Tensor with Multiple Scales. Int J Comput Vis 128, 438–459 (2020).

Download the full paper here.

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