D61+ LIVE saw some of our projects on show! Read on if you missed it!

October 8th, 2019

The Data61+ LIVE free science showcase event took place in Sydney last week, 2-3 October, seeing some of our projects on display:


>AI for Health

The role of artificial intelligence in medicine and health is very broad and ranges from robot-assisted surgery to computer-aided diagnostics to health management systems. We explained the applications of modern sophisticated algorithms to achieve rapid and accurate interpretation of medical images.


>Computer Vision for Health

3D vision is the core of technologies for understanding the visual scene to support blind individuals, as well as to reconstruct 3D models of environments to map images to a 3D space, such as for supporting large area mapping or maps for an endoscopy to improve clinical outcomes. We demonstrated some of our work on how computer vision works to improve human health experience.


>Human-Centred Digital Health

This research aims to align humans and cybersecurity and improve overall cyber hygiene, cyber health and online resilience. By taking on a human-centric security focus, it aims to better understand cybersecurity that is specifically centred around humans.


>Marine Visual Technologies

We are developing new technologies that could revolutionise the wild-caught fishing industry – making it safer and more sustainable. Accurate reporting of fish caught in the ocean is needed to manage stocks. Fish substitutes are a serious global problem which means that consumers cannot always be certain they are getting what they are sold.

With high resolution video, increased data storage capacity and machine learning technology, we are designing systems that can revolutionise fish stock management and track fish from boat to plate.We showed our current technologies that are changing the way we track fish, increase consumer confidence and improve global sustainability.


>Mixed Reality Services

We have developed software systems that combine interactive computer graphics, collaborative systems, image analysis, and computational photography to enhance the connections between data, people, places and things. The project aims to ensure the digital holographic overlays of the physical world include the right data being attached at the right time – regardless of the data source.


>Immersive Analytics

The emergence of new display and input technologies profoundly changes the way we interact with data. We have designed virtual and augmented reality systems for interactive exploration of complex data for a range of sciences. Focused on mobile solutions that allow the end-user to conduct their analysis in-situ in a real-world context, relevant for scientists who perform their work in the field, such as in geosciences, marine sciences, and environmental sciences.


>Digital Agriculture

Agriculture of the future will be digitally integrated at all stages of production, from understanding genetics to transport logistics. Using expertise in digital innovation and agriculture to improve decision making for farmers, agribusiness, policy-makers and researchers this booth will display projects from the Digiscape Future Science Platform.


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