Western Eyre Green Hydrogen Storage

October 25th, 2023

R&D Focus Areas:
Underground storage

Lead Organisation:
entX Ltd

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Start date:
November 2022 (award of onshore Gas Storage Exploration Licence)

Completion date:

Key contacts:
entX – Contact Us – entX Limited

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Project total cost:
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 Project summary description:
The entX Western Eyre Green Hydrogen Storage project is located in one of South Australia’s most prospective renewable energy zones which overlies the naturally occurring large salt deposits within the Polda Basin within the Eyre Peninsula, 170 kilometres north of Port Lincoln. entX holds gas storage exploration tenure over the entire onshore Polda Basin.

entX has an active exploration program ongoing for salt-bearing formations suitable for cavern development. The activities associated with the onshore Gas Storage Exploration Licence (granted by the South Australian government in November 2022) cover a five-year exploration program focussed on geological and geophysical studies with a commitment well in each of the two licence areas (GSEL 781 and GSEL 784).  The goal of these activities is to geologically de-risk the presence and extent of salt in the onshore portion of the Polda Basin.

Whilst salt deposits are common in many sedimentary basins across Australia, the Polda Basin is considered a highly prospective basin, hosting Australia’s largest drill discovered salt structure (Kilroo Formation – Diapiric Halite) ideally suited to host storage caverns, developed through a dissolution leaching process.

A recent report references a study that indicated the cavern storage capabilities within the Polda Basin based on a conceptual design of cylindrical caverns with 60 metres and 100 metres diameters for a depth range of 1650–2000 metres to be between 240 GWh and 665 GWh, respectively.

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Higher degree studies supported:
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October 2023