Hydrogen has emerged as an important element in the decarbonisation pathways of many economies.

Over 30 countries have either released or have in preparation national hydrogen-specific strategies, roadmaps, or similar documents. Bold ambitions for the deployment of  hydrogen are outlined.

A common theme in these documents is the importance of R&D in developing hydrogen technology solutions across the value chain that can be deployed at large-scale by 2030. Also emphasised are strong national and international cooperation mechanisms to foster knowledge transfer, reduce duplication of effort, and help accelerate the broad uptake of hydrogen.

Australian researchers are actively engaged in R&D activities across the whole hydrogen value chain.  Currently, this information is widely dispersed. HyResearch is a tool to help researchers, decision-makers and stakeholders more broadly access hydrogen-related R&D information via an easy-to-navigate platform.

The portal aims to:

  • facilitate connections and collaborations, domestically and internationally;
  • enable efficient retrieval of information on Australian hydrogen-related R&D activities;
  • demonstrate collaborative knowledge sharing efforts and Australian leadership; and
  • assist in identifying knowledge gaps, thereby supporting future R&D program development actions.

This collaborative resource is complementary to individual organisation knowledge and information sharing efforts. For those users wishing to access additional or more detailed information, the links provided within this resource enables HyResearch to act as a ‘gateway’ to more specific hydrogen R&D and related resources.

HyResearch is a key milestone of the Hydrogen RD&D International Collaboration Program, funded by the Australian government.

HyResearch is a module of the Hydrogen Knowledge Centre. 

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