Victorian Hydrogen Hub (VH2) – Hydrogen Skills Roadmap

January 4th, 2024

R&D Focus Areas:
Skills and labour market

Lead Organisation:
Swinburne University of Technology

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Start date:
February 2021

Completion date:
September 2022

Key contacts:
Gordon Chakaodza – Director, Victorian Hydrogen Hub:
Victorian Hydrogen Hub (VH2):
Kerrin Pryor, Project Manager, Victorian Hydrogen Hub:

Victorian Government, Victorian Hydrogen Hub

Project total cost:
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Project summary description:
A major initiative undertaken by VH2, the Hydrogen Skills Roadmap is a critical evaluation of the significant training and skills requirements needed to inform the educational needs of the hydrogen industry.

The report details the jobs impacted and skills required for the developing hydrogen sector while collating existing education and training in Australia and overseas. It also predicts emerging jobs in various industries driven by green hydrogen production uptake in the coming decades.

Related publications and key links:
Hydrogen Skill Roadmap – An analysis of the skills and training needs to support a future hydrogen economy (download link)

Higher degree studies supported:
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January 2024