Transferrable benefits from feasibility study of Derwent Bridge Microgrid

October 5th, 2022

R&D Focus Areas:
Techno-economic evaluation, Energy systems integration, Electricity

Lead Organisation:

Research Partners:
University of Technology Sydney


Start date:
September 2021

Completion date:
June 2024

Key contacts:
Associate Professor Jahangir Hossain:

Regional and Remote Communities Reliability Fund Microgrids

Project total cost:
AUD$1.61 million

Project summary description:
This project will develop a general-purpose model for evaluating the suitability of grid-edge communities in areas of low solar resource to transition to a microgrid.  The microgrid will include pumped hydro, battery, green hydrogen and new loads (e.g. electric vehicles).  A key objective of the project will be to develop tools that can assess the technical and economic viability of a microgrid at a site, in addition to an analysis of the impact on the local economy.  A partial implementation of the microgrid will be used to validate the model.

Related publications and key links:
A. Tabandeh, M. J. Hossain L. Li (2022), “Integrated Multi-Stage and Multi-Zone Distribution Network Expansion Planning with Renewable Energy Sources and Hydrogen Refuelling Stations for Fuel Cell Vehicles,” Applied Energy, May 2022.

Higher degree studies supported:
Three PhD students at University of Technology Sydney are supported by this project


October 2022