Techno-economic modelling of fuel production processes

December 1st, 2021

R&D Focus Areas:
Electrolysis, Fossil fuel conversion, Techno-economic evaluation

Lead Organisation:
University of Melbourne, University of Queensland, University of Adelaide

Future Fuels CRC


Start date:
January 2019

Project summary description:
This project builds on RP1.2-01: Future fuels production – status review. It simulates all possible ways to produce hydrogen and biomethane. These simulations form the core technology and economic process information on which to base project decisions on the most prospective production processes and also integrate with and inform energy systems modelling activity (RP1.1-02: Regional case studies on multi-energy system integration).

While the main project is complete, RP1.2-02B: Report on Techno-economic modelling of fuel production processes, is in progress as of November 2023 – to develop an integrated report summarising collective results of the RP1.2-02 project, to update M&E balances and costings to better reflect current industry conditions.

Further information:
RP1.2-02 Techno-economic modelling of fuel production processes


May 2023