Solid state H2 compression

June 21st, 2022

R&D Focus Areas:
Hydrides, Mobility

Lead Organisation:

Griffith University


Start date:
November 2015

Completion date:
December 2023

Key contacts:
Ashleigh Cousins:
Professor Evan Gray:

CSIRO – Hydrogen Energy Systems Future Science Platform. In-kind contribution from Griffith University

Project total cost:
AUD$1.8 million

Project summary description:
This project aims to develop and demonstrate a novel metal-hydride based hydrogen compressor. Currently, hydrogen compression accounts for roughly two-thirds of the costs of dispensing compressed hydrogen at refuelling stations. Metal hydrides are alloys that can absorb hydrogen and use waste heat to compress hydrogen.

Related publications and key links:
Gray, E. MacA., 2021, Alloy selection for multistage metal-hydride hydrogen compressors: A thermodynamic model, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 46, 15702-15715,

Cousins, A., Zohra, F.T., Gray, E. MacA., Webb, C.J., Kochanek, M., Edwards, S., Schoeman, L., 2023, Alloy selection for dual stage metal-hydride hydrogen compressor: Using a thermodynamic model to identify metal-hydride pairs, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, accepted,

Higher degree studies supported:
One PhD is supported.


Updated: June 2023