Scalable high-performance electrolytic hydrogen generator

July 20th, 2023

R&D Focus Areas:
Electrolysis, Advanced manufacturing

Lead Organisation:
Monash University

Energys Australia Pty Ltd


Start date:
January 2024

Completion date:
January 2027

Key contacts:
Dr. Tam Nguyen:

AUD$450,000 – Australian Research Council

Project total cost:
AUD$813,985 – cash contribution (combined Australian Research Council, Energys Australia and Monash University); plus, AUD$233,272 – in-kind contribution (Energys Australia)

Project summary description:

The project aims to develop an innovative process for high-throughput production of membrane-electrode assemblies (MEAs) for efficient water electrolysis. In the short term, the project will focus on delivery of a new class of water electrolysis electrodes with advanced architecture, high-throughput MEA fabrication, and a test-rig for electrolysis using high-performance MEAs.

In the medium term, these developments would lay the foundation for prototype development, utilizing cost-effective MEAs and scaled-up preparation methods.

The long-term outcome is the commercialization of a water electrolyser by Energys. Additionally, the project’s findings will serve as a basis for future advancements in electrolyser technology, potentially enabling sophisticated synthesis of valuable organic chemicals.

Related publications and key links:
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Higher degree studies supported:
Two PhD students at Monash University will be supported by this project.


July 2023