Resolving the impact of pressure on hot and low-oxygen combustion

November 26th, 2021

R&D Focus Areas:
Industrial heat processes, Gas networks and appliances, Mobility

Lead Organisation:
The University of Adelaide

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Start date:
May 2020

Completion date:
May 2025

Key contacts:
Paul Medwell –

AUD$944,000 – Australian Research Council

Project total cost:
AUD$1 million combined cash and in-kind contribution

Project summary description:
This project will deliver new understanding of flames in a hot and low-oxygen environment. The results will be of relevance to both the research and industrial communities, with a view to enabling breakthroughs in reliable and predictive design tools. This is an essential step in the future development of engines, primarily for the transportation sector. The resultant impact will be to lower pollutant emissions and to reduce the cost of design of new engines.

Higher degree studies supported:
Two PhD students at The University of Adelaide are supported by this project.


Reviewed: June 2023