Regional case studies on multi-energy system integration

December 1st, 2021

R&D Focus Areas:
Sector coupling; Energy systems integration; Techno-economic evaluation

Lead Organisation:
University of Melbourne

Future Fuels CRC


Start date:
March 2019

Project summary description:
The development of an energy systems model is underway to assist key energy market players in understanding the potential of different future fuel options to decarbonise the energy system. The research includes an assessment of integrated electricity-gas-hydrogen systems in the presence of different coupling technologies and scenarios for different sectors (e.g. injection of hydrogen into the gas network, production of low-carbon fuels for export, electrification vs decarbonisation of heating, etc.).

A state-of-the-art integrated electricity-gas-hydrogen systems model was completed early 2021 to run several studies on behalf of industry. An example of such a study, which investigated the electrification of heating in Victoria can be found here.

Further information:
RP1.1-02 Regional case studies on gas and electricity system integration


Reviewed: May 2024