Prefeasibility Study: Western Sydney Hydrogen Hub

December 7th, 2022

R&D Focus Areas:
Whole supply chain

Lead Organisation:
University of Technology Sydney

GrapheneX, Celestino, Providence Asset Group


Start date:
October 2021

Completion date:
April 2022

Key contacts:
Professor Zhenguo Huang:

Equal cash contribution from Partners

Project total cost:

Project summary description:
This project is a pre-feasibility assessment of the Sydney Science Park (SSP) and its surrounding area for its suitability as a locally integrated hydrogen ecosystem. This Hub can be a major source and user of clean energy in Western Sydney while also being a driver for sustainable economic development in the region.

Solar/wind farms around/at SSP will generate large amounts of electricity and green hydrogen will be employed to reduce renewable energy sources curtailment, store the electricity, connect power and gas systems, and decarbonise energy systems. Hydrogen can be used to provide heat and power to buildings, power hydrogen fuel cell buses and trucks, power waste processing plants, etc. Excess hydrogen can also be exported to surrounding areas.

Related publications and key links:
Not applicable

Higher degree studies supported:
One PhD student at University of Technology Sydney was supported.


December 2022