Plasma-catalytic bubbles for sustainable ammonia

April 13th, 2022

R&D Focus Areas:

Lead Organisation:
The University of Sydney

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Start date:
March 2022

Completion date:
February 2025

Key contacts:
PJ Cullen:

Australian Research Council: AUD$462,539

Project total cost:
AUD$462,539 cash contribution

Project summary description:
Ammonia is one of the world’s most important chemicals directly sustaining over 50% of our food supply. But the current means of its production is responsible for over 1% of global CO2 emissions, a similar value to global air travel. This project aims to produce ammonia from renewable sources of water, electricity and air, which can provide farmers with a zero-carbon fertiliser under a decentralised and even farm-level approach. Moreover, if driven by renewables, ammonia offers an effective means of exporting hydrogen from Australia. Hydrogen has been highlighted by the federal government as a priority technology in its Technology Investment Roadmap with ammonia seen as a key approach for its exportation.

Related publications and key links:

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  • Green chemical pathway of plasma synthesis of ammonia from nitrogen and water: a comparative kinetic study with a N2/H2 system. 2022. Jungmi Hong, Tianqi Zhang, Renwu Zhou, Liguang Dou, Shuai Zhang, Rusen Zhou, Bryony Ashford, Tao Shao, Anthony B. Murphy, Kostya (Ken) Ostrikov and Patrick J. Cullen.  Green Chem., 2022,24, 7458-7468.

 Higher degree studies supported:
This project supports one PhD student.


Reviewed: May 2024