Performance of Type-A appliances with blends of hydrogen and natural gas

December 1st, 2021

R&D Focus Areas:
Gas networks and appliances, Safety and standards

Lead Organisation:
University of Adelaide

Future Fuels CRC


Start date:
February 2021

Project summary description: This project builds on the research done in RP1.4-01 (Domestic gas appliance review and test program) and aims to defining a practical upper limit for hydrogen addition to natural gas for operation of domestic gas appliances. An upper hydrogen percentage limit in blends with natural gas based on minimal changes to appliances will be indicated. As part of this project, a range of new and legacy appliances will be tested, including cookers and flueless heater systems. The project will also test 100% hydrogen burners in terms of their ability to operate safely on hydrogen / natural gas mixtures.

Further information:
RP1.4-05 Performance of Type A appliances with blends of hydrogen and natural gas


Reviewed: May 2024