On-the-farm bio-hydrogen production from excess crop residues – straw waste

December 1st, 2021

R&D Focus Areas:
Biological hydrogen production, Biomass and waste conversion

Lead Organisation:
HydGene Renewables Pty Ltd

GRDC, CSIRO, BOC Australia, Bioplatforms Australia, AB Biotek


Start date:
February 2021

Completion date:
March 2023

Key contacts:
Project Lead: Associate Professor Louise Brown; Louise.Brown@hydgene.com
CSO: Professor Robert Willows; Robert.Willows@hydgene.com
CTO: Dr Kerstin Petroll; Kerstin.Petroll@hydgene.com
CE: Dr Ante Jerkovic; Ante.Jerkovic@hydgene.com

Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII): Transforming crops into renewable hydrogen sources

Project total cost:
Feasibility Grant: AUD$100,000
Proof-of-Concept Grant: AUD$999,828
Total project cost (cash plus in-kinds contributions): AUD$1.1 million

Project summary description:
The focus of this R&D project is on the production of ‘net zero’ hydrogen using innovative process design and synthetic biology approaches. HydGene Renewables have engineered bacteria using modern Synthetic Biology techniques to produce renewable hydrogen from glucose and sugars from farm straw waste. This project will demonstrate a modular hydrogen generator system and optimise the conversion of straw waste to hydrogen for on-the-farm applications, creating a true sustainable ecosystem.

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Higher degree studies supported:
Not applicable


September 2023