Net Zero Australia

May 31st, 2022

R&D Focus Areas:
Sector coupling, Energy systems integration, Techno-economic evaluation

Lead Organisation:
University of Melbourne, University of Queensland

Princeton University, Nous Group


Start date:
October 2021

Completion date:
July 2023 (Net Zero Mobilisation report published)

Key contacts:
Contact | Net Zero Australia

Internal/Industry funding: Net Zero Australia is a partnership funded by gifts or grants from sponsors

Project summary description:
The study illustrates net zero pathways that reflect the boundaries of the Australian debate, for both domestic and export emissions. The purpose of the study is to help stakeholders appreciate:

  • the scale, complexity and cost of the net zero task.
  • the different ways in which net zero pathways could unfold.
  • possible stakeholder contributions that can influence the required changes to achieve net zero.
  • how unintended consequences might be avoided, and negative impacts reduced.

Net Zero Australia applies the approach pioneered by Princeton University’s Net Zero America study to Australia and aims to be technology neutral and evidence driven.

Further information:
Home website: Net Zero Australia | Net Zero Australia

August 2022: interim findings from Net Zero Australia were made public for the first time:
Interim results | Net Zero Australia

April 2023: final modelling results into how Australia might achieve a net zero economy:
Final modelling results | Net Zero Australia

July 2023: mobilisation report from the Net Zero Australia study: How to make net zero happen.  Net Zero Mobilisation report: How to make net zero happen | Net Zero Australia


Updated: March 2024