Monolithic Solar Thermal Photocatalytic Membrane for Green H2 Production

April 27th, 2023

R&D Focus Areas:
Photochemical and photocatalytic processes

Lead Organisation:
RMIT University

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Start date:
January 2022

Completion date:
December 2024

Key contacts:
Professor Tianyi Ma:
Professor. Baohua Jia:
Dr. Han Lin:

AUD$586,881.00 – Australian Research Council

Project total cost:
AUD$1,255,239 – total cash and in-kind contributions

Project summary description:
This project aims to develop a new concept of monolithic membranes composed of photocatalysts embedded in highly efficient solar thermal graphene. Such a membrane will be a first of its kind and would be able to utilise the full solar spectrum for scalable seawater desalination and direct splitting to produce hydrogen without the need to concentrate sunlight.

Expected outcomes include chemically and structurally tailored membranes and 2D floating prototypes for real life hydrogen production, and in-depth understanding of the working mechanism to facilitate up-scaled renewable hydrogen generation.

Related publications and key links:
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Higher degree studies supported:
Three PhD students at RMIT University are supported by this project.


April 2023