Miniaturised Ammonia Reformer for On-Board Hydrogen Production

May 30th, 2022

R&D Focus Areas:
Ammonia, Mobility

Lead Organisation:
The University of Newcastle

Element One Pty Ltd


Start date:
June 2022

Completion date:
March 2024

Key contacts:
Project Leader: Laureate Professor Behdad Moghtaderi:

Element One Pty Ltd

Project total cost:
AUD$680,000 (cash)

Project summary description:
This project focuses on further advancement and prototyping of a novel fuel reforming technology developed by Laureate Professor Behdad Moghtaderi and his team at the University of Newcastle for cracking of ammonia to hydrogen and nitrogen. Named CRACKITTM, the ammonia reformer combines a series of microfluidics and micro-reaction components into a unified platform for catalytic conversion of ammonia into hydrogen and nitrogen.

Related publications and key links:
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Higher degree studies supported:
Two postdoctoral research fellows will be supported by this project.


Reviewed: November 2023