Liquid Hydrogen Boil-off Management: Reducing Energy Requirements of BOG Reliquification

December 13th, 2021

R&D Focus Areas: Cold/cryo compressed, Liquid hydrogen, Mobility

Lead Organisation:
Monash University

Woodside Energy


Start date:
July 2020

Completion date:
February 2025

Key contacts:
Professor Paul A. Webley:
Dr. Tom Hughes:

Woodside Monash Energy Partnership

Project total cost:
Not applicable

Project summary description:
The main challenge in the storage, handling and transportation of liquid hydrogen (LH2) is boil-off gas (BOG) generation which results in the loss of the valuable exportable commodity, unless it is reliquefied or utilised in an efficient manner. The production and liquefaction of hydrogen are highly energy intensive processes and therefore BOG management has an important role to play in preserving the liquid hydrogen produced. This project aims to investigate strategies, including enhanced refrigeration systems, that are cost-effective and feasible to minimise energy requirements for BOG management.

Related publications and key links:
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Higher degree studies supported:
One PhD student and one Research Fellow is supported.


Reviewed: December 2022