KIMIYA – A Technology Platform for Conversion of Organic Waste to Sustainable Chemicals and Fuels

November 15th, 2023

R&D Focus Areas:
Biomass and waste conversion, Mobility, Synthetic fuels and chemicals

Lead Organisation:
The University of Newcastle



Start date:
October 2023

Completion date:
June 2026

Key contacts:
Project Leader: Laureate Professor Behdad Moghtaderi:

Australian Trailblazer for Recycling and Clean Energy (TRaCE) and ELMNTRE Pty Ltd

Project total cost:
AUD$4,630,876 (cash) including AUD$3,188,264 (cash) from ELMNTRE Pty Ltd and AUD$1,442,612 from TRaCE

Project summary description:
This is a joint research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) project with ELMNTRE Pty Ltd (thereafter EPL) to establish a thermochemically assisted processes for emission-free transformation of organic waste (e.g., MSW and/or biosolids) into hydrogen and other valuable products.

The goal is to establish new pathways for resource recovery from waste resources, in turn, enabling the local and state governments to produce energy, strategic materials and chemicals from these resources which are currently landfilled. The project will specifically advance the technical development and facilitate the rollout of a novel poly-generation conversion technology (“KIMIYA”) developed by the University of Newcastle researchers.

This 3-year project will investigate innovative approaches that enable revolutionary advances in the development of novel thermochemical conversion technologies, formulation of techniques to use mixed waste, as well as invention of processes for on-demand generation of high-value materials and chemicals. The project will pay particular attention to demonstrate the robustness of the KIMIYA technology through the establishment of a 1 t/d reference plant.

Related publications and key links:
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Higher degree studies supported:
Two postdoctoral research fellows and two PhD students will be supported by this project.


November 2023