Integration of vertiports into an existing commercial airport – assessment framework and impact analysis

March 15th, 2024

R&D Focus Areas:
Mobility, regulations

Lead Organisation:
Swinburne University of Technology



Start date:
August 2022

Completion date:
August 2025

Key contacts:
Gordon Chakaodza – Director, Victorian Hydrogen Hub:
Victorian Hydrogen Hub (VH2):
Associate Professor Tommy Cheung, Project Primary Supervisor:
Salim Hijazeen, Project Key Researcher:

Victorian Government, Victorian Hydrogen Hub

Project total cost:

Project summary description:
Integrating Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) aircraft into existing commercial airports could enhance the aviation industry. AAMs have a wide range of applications, but their implementation requires careful consideration of vertiport infrastructure and a defined procedure for landing, take-off and ground activities. This requires a fail-safe operation procedure, focusing on deconfliction methods.

The study will critically evaluate the operational and safety considerations of integrating AAMs into an existing airport. In addition, operational time efficiency for passenger and freight transfer must be achieved. The research will also include hydrogen related applications.

This research will focus on the Australian airport market. It will ensure that implementing AAMs does not negatively impact commercial airport operators and that passenger transits remain efficient and smooth.

This research will be significant for the academic and industry fields as AAMs will become more prominent in the coming years, with initial flights in Australia set to take place in 2028, however some operators in Europe and the USA have flights planned for the coming years.

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Higher degree studies supported:
One PhD student at Swinburne University of Technology is supported by this project.


March 2024