Improved hydrogen geological storage via zeta potential measurements

January 12th, 2023

R&D Focus Areas:
Underground storage

Lead Organisation:
Edith Cowan University



Start date:
January 2022

Completion date:
December 2024

Key contacts:
Professor Stefan Iglauer (Chief Investigator):

Australian Research Council (ARC)

Project total cost:
AUD$447,500 (ARC announced funding)

Project summary description:
Hydrogen is a clean fuel which has the potential to revolutionize the energy supply chain by complete decarbonisation. An estimated 50-fold increase in the global hydrogen market is expected by 2050, totalling AUD$16.3 trillion. However, the key barrier to a hydrogen economy is hydrogen storage, as hydrogen is highly volatile, compressible and flammable.

Underground hydrogen storage, (i.e., storage of hydrogen in sedimentary geologic formations) is a potential option to solve this problem. A key aim of this project is to provide fundamental data required to establish hydrogen underground monitoring techniques, and to develop associated large-scale models with which underground hydrogen storage efficiency and security can be predicted.

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January 2023