Hydrogen Utilisation in Industrial Processes: Understanding Technical Risks and Impacts on Demand

January 11th, 2023

R&D Focus Areas:
Techno-economic evaluation

Lead Organisation:


Start date:
June 2022

Completion date:
May 2023

Key contacts:
Lead Investigator: Dr Liezl Schoeman (CSIRO): liezl.schoeman@csiro.au

Heavy Industry Low-Carbon Transition CRC

Total project cost:
AUD$425,900 (cash and in-kind contributions)

Project summary description:
This project assesses the impact of replacing natural gas with hydrogen in heavy industry. Gradual replacement of natural gas with increasing amounts of hydrogen present unknown risks to heavy industrial processes. These include aspects of materials compatibility and impacts on process chemistry and performance. This project will evaluate the effect of utilisation of increasing concentrations of hydrogen, with a view to better understand the potential impacts on industrial infrastructure and equipment, process performance, economics, and impacts on hydrogen demand from a regional hub perspective.

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Report in preparation

Higher degree studies supported:
Not applicable


Reviewed: September 2023