Hydrogen storage and distribution

December 19th, 2021

R&D Focus Areas:
Whole supply chain, Energy systems integration

Lead Organisation:
Griffith University


Start date:
May 2020

Key contacts:
Professor Evan Gray; e.gray@griffith.edu.au

Blue Economy CRC

Project summary description:
Through its flexibility as an energy carrier, hydrogen plays a key integrating role in the Offshore Renewable Energy Systems Program (RP3) of the Blue Economy CRC. Hydrogen for electricity and fuel, and oxygen for aquaculture, will be co-produced by electrolysis of water. RP3 has milestones concerned with developing offshore energy farms and hybrid energy systems in which the optimal mode of storing and distributing hydrogen needs to be identified.

This scoping project reviewed the options, present and foreseen, for hydrogen storage/distribution for islanded and grid-connected offshore/high energy microgrids, and for hydrogen export. Pure hydrogen and hydrogen-containing carriers were surveyed.

Further information: https://blueeconomycrc.com.au/projects/hydrogen-storage-and-distribution/


Reviewed: January 2023