Hydrogen Powering of Vessels

June 13th, 2023

R&D Focus Areas:

Lead Organisation:


Start date:
February 2023

Key contacts:
Andrew Harris:  andrew.harris@apac.bmt.org.

Blue Economy CRC

Project summary description:
The main objectives of this research project are to undertake a feasibility study into the maturity of hydrogen and ammonia powered vessel technology, to consider the near-term market for such vessels operating in Australian waters and for overseas vessel exports, and to understand the relationship between the logistic supply chain for hydrogen fuels and the likely uptake of hydrogen vessel propulsion in Australia and New Zealand.

Amongst other things, this research will assess the available guidelines, capabilities, and infrastructure in Australia for building and exporting Australian-made hydrogen vessels.

Further information:  Hydrogen Powering of Vessels | Blue Economy CRC


Uploaded: June 2023