Hydrogen in Schools: Curriculum for primary and secondary schools 

November 6th, 2023

R&D Focus Areas:
Skills and labour market 

Lead Organisation:
Deakin University 

Not applicable 


Start date:
February 2021 

Completion date:
March 2024 

Key contacts:
Professor Russell Tytler – School of Education, Deakin University  russell.tytler@deakin.edu.au
Dr Peta White – School of Education, Deakin University peta.white@deakin.edu.au
Dr Seamus Delaney – School of Education, Deakin University s.delaney@deakin.edu.au
Dr Lam Pham – School of Education, Deakin University lam.pham@deakin.edu.au
Loren Tuck – Hycel, Deakin University loren.tuck@deakin.edu.au 

AUD$70,000 – Hycel Technology Hub via Commonwealth Department of Education, Skills and Employment 

Project total cost:
AUD$70,000 cash contribution 

Project summary description:
This project develops, pilots and distributes hydrogen learning sequences for Australian primary and secondary schools, specifically for years 5/6, 9/10, VCE Chemistry and VCE Environmental Science. The key objective is to situate hydrogen knowledge within the wider curriculum context of renewable energies and climate change education, including systems thinking and circular economy principles. Upon completion, the learning sequences will be made nationally available.

The project involves the following: 

  • Benchmarking to understand Australian and International hydrogen education materials and contemporary research and development of Education for Sustainable Development and Climate Change Education.  
  • Designing learning sequences for primary, secondary and VCE that include incursions, excursions, hands on practical investigations and representations of scientific research and development practices.  
  • Piloting and evaluating learning sequences in regional and metro Victorian schools. 
  • Distributing learning sequences to Australian education systems. 

Related publications and key links:
Deakin University Hycel site: https://www.deakin.edu.au/hycel/focus-areas 

Higher degree studies supported:
Not applicable 


September 2023