Hydrogen from Waste

April 3rd, 2023

R&D Focus Areas:
Biomass and waste conversion, Electrolysis, Photochemical and photocatalytic processes

Lead Organisation:
University of New South Wales (Sydney)

Rio Tinto


Start date:
April 2023

Completion date:
April 2027

Key contacts:
Lead Investigator: Associate Professor Jason Scott – jason.scott@unsw.edu.au
Chief Investigator: Dr Rahman Daiyan – r.daiyan@unsw.edu.au
Chief Investigator: Professor Rose Amal – r.amal@unsw.edu.au

AUD$1,342,000 – Trailblazer Universities Program and Rio Tinto

Project total cost:
AUD$3,000,000 – combined cash and in-kind contributions

Project summary description:
The underlying purpose of the research is to demonstrate hydrogen from waste technology to be a commercially viable means for waste valorisation. It is expected the team will develop the technology to have a pathway to be a viable commercial product that would attract remote communities or individuals as the target customer base. The technology relies on a light-driven reforming system capable of extracting hydrogen and/or hydrogen from an organic waste stream with the additional option for water recovery. The technology is stand-alone, modular and does not produce any carbon dioxide emissions.

Related publications and key link:
Trailblazer | Recycling & Clean Energy Green fuels – Trailblazer | Recycling & Clean Energy (trace.org.au)

Higher degree studies supported:
One postdoctoral researcher and two PhD stipends are currently being supported by the project.


Reviewed: May 2024