Hydrogen for Brickworks: Cardup Factory Desktop Research Study (phase 1)

December 13th, 2021

R&D Focus Areas:
Pipeline materials and performance, Gas networks and appliances 

Lead Organisation:
Murdoch University

Austral Brickworks


Start date:
July 2021

Completion date:
January 2022

Key contacts:
Dr Martin Anda – M.Anda@murdoch.edu.au
Dr GM Shafiullah – GM.Shafiullah@murdoch.edu.au
Mr Furat Dawood – Furat.Dawood@nurdoch.edu.au

AUD$15,000 – Austral Brickworks (phase 1)

Project total cost:
To be announced for Phases 2 and 3

Project summary description:
Brickworks procures its kiln gas from the Natural Gas (NG) network, and some states in Australia have plans to inject hydrogen, initially at 2%, then to 10%, and longer-term targets of 50-100%. Brickworks seeks to understand the effect of, and ability to use hydrogen in the brickmaking process. In this study (phase 1), a desktop literature review and site visits were undertaken in order to consider previous work on hydrogen blending into NG, modifications required to the burners and nozzles, changes in the temperature of the kiln and the effect on brick colour and rigidity.

Based on phase 1 findings, phase 2 planned to design an experiment to try the most cost-effective option that leads to phase 3, trial project.

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Higher degree studies supported:
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December 2021