HydGene Renewables: SEED funding

September 9th, 2023

R&D Focus Areas:
Biological hydrogen production, biomass and waste conversion

Lead Organisation:
HydGene Renewables Pty Ltd

Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) / Virescent
Understorey Ventures
NOAB Ventures


Start date:
June 2023

Completion date:
Not applicable

Key contacts:
CEO: Associate Professor Louise Brown; Louise.Brown@hydgene.com
CSO: Professor Robert Willows; Robert.Willows@hydgene.com
CTO: Dr Kerstin Petroll; Kerstin.Petroll@hydgene.com
CE: Dr Ante Jerkovic; Ante.Jerkovic@hydgene.com

Investment – venture capital

Project total cost:
AUD$6 million

Project summary description:
Critical to reaching net-zero global targets is access to low-cost green hydrogen. HydGene Renewables is working to simplify the hydrogen supply chain. Using synthetic biology, a biocatalyst solution has been engineered to generate carbon-neutral, high-purity hydrogen from renewable plant-based feedstocks like agricultural, forestry, and municipal waste streams.

This innovative approach enables on-site, on-demand clean hydrogen production, lessening/removing the complexities and higher costs associated with hydrogen storage and transportation. The hydrogen-producing biocatalyst solution is deployed in a modular cartridge, offering scalability that supports the decarbonisation of key industries including farming, chemical manufacturing (including ammonia), and transportation sectors.

The SEED funding will enable HydGene to scale up production of its biocatalyst technology for pilot testing and conduct further R&D to bring down the unit economics of its green hydrogen product. Funds will also be used to advance the development of a new biocatalyst for producing an ammonia-based fertiliser product.

HydGene Renewables has an exclusive license to IP generated from ARENA funded research titled “Biological Hydrogen Production”.

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Higher degree studies supported:
Not applicable


September 2023