Green Hydrogen Generation Using Industrial Wastewater

December 6th, 2021

R&D Focus Areas:
Direct hydrogen carrier production, Electrolysis

Lead Organisation:
switcH2 Engineering/University of New South Wales (Sydney)

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Start date:
November 2019

Completion date:
Estimated January 2024

Key contacts:
Constantine Tsounis:

AUD$150,000 + AUD$220,000 committed

Project summary description:
The Particles and Catalysis Research Group is home to switcH2 Engineering, an electrolyser start-up developing systems to generate hydrogen from organic rich industrial waste, such as brewery wastewater. The team are currently designing a modular electrolyser system to be located at a brewery in New South Wales, enabling the creation of a distributed hydrogen value chain for local industry. This project aims to undertake a detailed feedstock analysis of brewery waste, design electrocatalysts to oxidize organic molecules within wastewater, and implement a scaled-up electrolysis process on-site which generates hydrogen from wastewater. The use of the wastewater will enable hydrogen production with reduced energy inputs and reduce the burden on existing freshwater resources.

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Higher degree studies supported:
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Reviewed: April 2023