Green energy in the global stage: policies, initiatives and market development with implications for multinational firms

December 13th, 2021

R&D Focus Areas:
Whole supply chain, Geographical modelling, Hydrogen market development

Lead Organisation:
Monash University

Woodside Energy


Start date:
January 2021

Completion date:
December 2022

Key contacts:
Professor Fang Lee Cooke:
Dr Xuan Zhu:

Woodside-Monash Energy Partnership

Project total cost:
Not applicable

Project summary description:
Green hydrogen as a key player of addressing climate change problems is receiving a growing amount of attention from policy makers, investors and businesses. This study aims to provide an informed analysis about the prospect of green hydrogen in the North and West Africa market. The study adopts a multi-disciplinary and multi-stakeholder approach to examine the inter-related thematic dimensions that may shape the future of the green hydrogen market in the region and beyond, and implications for multinational firms in their international operations. The analytical technique developed from the study can be adapted/applied to the study of other regions.

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Higher degree studies supported:
A Research Fellow is supported.


Reviewed: December 2022