Enabling Novel Hydrogen Storage via Combustible Ice for a Low-Carbon Future

December 7th, 2023

R&D Focus Areas:
Synthetic fuels and chemicals

Lead Organisation:
The University of Queensland

Not Applicable


Start date:
July 2024

Completion date:
July 2027

Key contacts:
Dr Ngoc N. Nguyen – n.nguyen9@uq.edu.au

Australian Research Council (DE240100722): AUD$362,245

Project total cost:
AUD$584,701 cash

Project summary description:
This project aims to develop a new method for sustainable hydrogen storage. Hydrogen is vital for decarbonising Australia’s economy, yet finding an efficient way for hydrogen storage is a global challenge. This project seeks to encapsulate hydrogen effectively in water to produce hydrogen-carrying combustible ice for large-scale hydrogen storage, taking the advantages of water as a low-cost raw material. Expected outcomes are cutting-edge knowledge and a new pathway of hydrogen storage.

Related publications and key links:
None at this point.

Higher degree studies supported:
One PhD student to be supported by this project.


December 2023