Direct ammonia reduction of iron ore

December 3rd, 2021

R&D Focus Area:
Ammonia, Industrial heat processes, Industrial feedstock processes

Lead Organisation:
The University of Western Australia

Future Energy Exports CRC


Start date:
October 2021

Project summary description:
This project seeks to research and develop the use of ammonia (NH3) as a reliable renewable reductant for direct raw iron making from selected Western Australian iron ores.

  • The scientific research will reveal the mechanisms of direct NH3 reduction of iron ores and establish reaction kinetics for reactor design using both laboratory fixed-bed reactor and kinetic modelling techniques.
  • The project outputs will include new technologies to be developed and demonstrated at laboratory and pilot scales, scientific knowledge to be published in scholarly journals and science-based advice to government, business and industry for informed decision-making and strategic planning.

Further information:
21.RP2.0060 Direct ammonia reduction of iron ore – Future Energy Exports CRC (


Reviewed: August 2023