Development of the Proton Battery and Proton Flow Reactor

December 7th, 2023

R&D Focus Areas:
Proton batteries

Lead Organisation:
RMIT University

Eldor Corporation (Italy)


Start date:
February 2023

Completion date
February 2025

Professor John Andrews (Lead):
Professor Gary Rosengarten:
Professor Bahman Shabani:

Eldor Corporation (Italy)

Project total cost:
AUD$2.2 million cash from Eldor

Project summary description:
The aim of this project is to advance proton battery and proton flow reactor technology towards commercialisation, following the end of the ARENA-funded project, “Proton Flow Reactor System” conducted by RMIT University, with Eldor Corporation, Italy, as an industry partner.

The scope of the plan includes both the proton battery and proton flow reactor systems. The project is funded entirely by Eldor Corporation under a research collaboration agreement with RMIT.

Related publications and key links:
None (confidentiality considerations)

Higher degree studies supported:
Two PhD students and four research fellows supported.


December 2023