Detailed assessment and testing of commercial appliances with hydrogen

December 1st, 2021

R&D Focus Areas:
Gas networks and appliances, Safety and standards, Industrial heat processes

Lead Organisation:
University of Adelaide

Future Fuels CRC


Start date:
October 2021

Project summary description:
There is a strong industry need to cost-effectively identify any compatibility issues of commercial and (light) industrial appliances and burners with hydrogen. Based on the test plan developed in RP1.4-06 (Assessment of Type B appliances with blends of hydrogen and natural gas) in this project experiments are being performed on compatibility of commercial burners, appliances, and ancillary equipment with 10 mol% hydrogen in natural gas (allowing variation up to 21.7%) and maximum hydrogen percentages without changes and with minor changes.

It will also test a limited number of retrofits for 100% hydrogen, especially those that are likely to be cost effective. Predictive models and costing tools are being developed for comparing retrofits with new hydrogen or electric appliances.

Further information:
RP1.4-08 – Detailed assessment of Type B appliances with blends of hydrogen and natural gas and 100% hydrogen


Reviewed: May 2024