Composite oxides as next-generation photocatalysts for solar energy capture

May 2nd, 2022

R&D Focus Areas:
Photochemical and photocatalytic processes

Lead Organisation:
The University of Sydney

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Start date:
January 2019

Completion date:
December 2022

Key contacts:
Chris Ling:
Brendan Kennedy:
Thomas Maschmeyer:

AUD$670,000 – Australian Research Council – Discovery Projects

Project total cost:
AUD$670,000 (cash contribution)

Project summary description:
The aim of this project is to make new photocatalysts that use the energy from solar photons to split water into oxygen and hydrogen – to produce clean and renewable fuel from sunlight. The project will use a “bottom- up” nanoscale self-assembly approach, in which compounds with different chemical and electronic properties – but compatible crystal structures in at least one dimension – fit together in a single synthetic step to form a well- ordered composite.

By making composites of compounds whose band gaps (crucial to capturing light) and surfaces (crucial to evolving hydrogen and oxygen gas) complement each other, the project can deliver higher performing materials at a lower cost than can be achieved by conventional top-down modification.

Related publications and key links:

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 Higher degree studies supported:
Three PhD students are supported by this project


Reviewed: October 2023