Building an interactive map for hydrogen asset management using IoT and GIS

February 12th, 2022

R&D Focus Areas:
Pipeline and network operations, Safety and standards, Gas networks and appliances

Lead Organisation:
Deakin University

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Start date:
January 2021

Completion date:
June 2022

Key contacts:
Dr Hamid Abdi, School of Engineering,
Associate Professor Nasser Hosseinzadeh, School of Engineering,

AUD$50,000 – Hycel Technology Hub via Commonwealth Department of Education, Skills and Employment

Project total cost:
AUD$50,000 cash contribution

Project summary description:
The Hycel precinct, and in particular the hydrogen test bed project, offered an unprecedented opportunity to build and test a cloud-based hydrogen asset management system. With numerous fixed, functional and moving assets such as pipes, instruments and actuators, Hycel is a chance to test, refine and commission a system of various control and data acquisition products, distributed across the project site to perform monitoring, maintenance, record keeping and potentially control functions.

This project delivered a management system, administered using an integration of IOT enabled devices with a GIS system and supported by a user-friendly map interface, for:

  • static elements including asset locations, operational status, possible failures or damage.
  • dynamic elements including monitoring and control features will support precinct operation and management.
  • maintaining product catalogues, warranties, and other manufacturer’s information to support streamlined and efficient ongoing maintenance.
  • ongoing cloud-based management of initial and future assets, as the site grows.

In this project, a set of hydrogen leak detection, pressure, temperature IOT nodes were developed with a GIS information and cloud support system to measure hydrogen levels and relevant parameters on selected locations on the site to ensure safety of the precinct. This involved real time demonstration of 25 hydrogen leak detection IOT nodes using GIS mapping and an associated IOT cloud support system, which includes the status and management information of the detectors. The objectives were:

  • Enabling IOT and GPS for moving assets of the Hycel project
  • Constructing a GIS system for Hycel project assets
  • Integrating of IOT and GPS information with the GIS system
  • Interfacing between the GIS and IOT cloud support system and Warrnambool campus map
  • Publication and demonstration

Outcomes of the project included development of a cloud-based asset management framework and visual map for the Hycel hydrogen precinct, to provide greater accessibility to, and demonstration and management of the system, and support development of best practice safety management systems for the Hycel precinct, and future similar precincts internal or external to Deakin University.

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Reviewed: September 2023