Accelerating Green Hydrogen Production with High Efficiency Electrolysers

July 7th, 2023

R&D Focus Areas:

Lead Organisation:
University of Wollongong

Hysata Pty Ltd


Start date:
July 2023

Completion date:
Estimated July 2028

Key contacts:
Professor Gerry Swiegers:

AUD$3,689,641- Australian Research Council (Industry Laureate Fellowship Grant)

Project summary description:
The National Hydrogen Strategy aims to leverage Australia’s abundance in solar and wind power to generate renewable electricity and then convert this to green hydrogen — an energy-dense renewable fuel. Green hydrogen will be essential for us to achieve net-zero.

A key future enabler of this plan is the recent development by the applicant, of a new type of electrolyser that is being commercialized by Hysata Pty Ltd. This electrolyser has ultra-high energy efficiency, consuming about 20% less energy with accompanying higher yields of green hydrogen from renewable sources. This will reduce the cost of producing green hydrogen to well below $2/kg, making it cost-competitive with fossil fuels.

This project will support the development of a sovereign Australian hydrogen manufacturing capacity at GW scale.

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Higher degree studies supported:
PhD students will be supported by this project.


July 2023