A technical and economic assessment of underground hydrogen storage in Western Australia

August 21st, 2023

R&D Focus Area:
Underground storage

Lead Organisations:
Curtin University

Future Energy Exports CRC

Start date:
September 2023

Project summary description:
This project aims to deliver four outcomes:

  • the identification of the depleted gas reservoirs for underground hydrogen storage and compressed air storage in the Perth Basin, Western Australia.
  • determine the best energy storage solution in Victoria and Western Australia.
  • predict the suitability of underground hydrogen storage in the Yardarino field in Western Australia through dynamic reservoir modelling, and
  • identify failure mechanisms of hydrogen conditioned caprock of the Yardarino field with pre-existing fractures for underground hydrogen storage.

The outcomes of this research will also support Western Australian policy makers in understanding the viable large-scale hydrogen storage resources to develop relevant strategies for decarbonisation, and identify a new set of potential hydrogen underground storage locations in Western Australia to inform energy network modelling efforts.

Further information:

23.RP2.0176: A Technical and Economic Assessment of Underground Hydrogen Storage in Western Australia contact Future Energy Exports CRC for further information.


August 2023