Resource recovery

The challenge Recovered waste is often used for beneficial purposes such as soil amendments, earthworks, or engineering fill. However, this […]

The challenge Plastics, such as LDPE, HDPE, PP and PET, are present in the items we use every day. However, […]

The challenge Many plastics, such as mixed and soft plastics, are hard to recycle, which means they often end up […]

The challenge GEO Trash Management (GTM) partners with various non-for profit organisations undertaking beach, ocean, river and street clean-ups, promoting […]

The challenge Plastics are highly customisable and durable materials, which leads to both their extensive applications and their enormous contribution […]

The challenge Polystyrene (PS) and expanded PS (EPS) waste are stockpiling in Australia. EPS’s low density makes its transport to […]

Our research is helping to improve processes and specifications for PVC recycling. The challenge Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is one of […]

Close up of a Black solider fly on a leaf

The challenge Ever wondered what happens to plastic consumed by insects? Our research is hoping to answer questions such as: […]

computational model of a plastic degrading enzyme in complex with its substrate

The challenge The use of plastic materials has spread to all industries and manufactured products given their outstanding mechanical properties, […]