Case study – Port Adelaide Enfield

Two regions were selected to build and demonstrate resilience investment capabilities as the basis for ramping up the development of national capabilities. One of these demonstration areas is the Port Adelaide Enfield Local Government Area, and involved partnerships between the Port Adelaide Enfield local council and State Government agencies. The area includes a range of land uses including: residential, recreation/reserves, marina, port, defence, power station and industrial. The area is prone to regular coastal and stormwater flooding, inundation, coastal erosion, and heatwaves and the intensity and frequency of these hazardous events are expected to increase due to impacts of climate change and local land subsidence.

Developing resilience cases in Port Adelaide Enfield

CSIRO, Value Advisory Partners and the University of Adelaide have been collaborating with stakeholders in Port Adelaide Enfield since December 2020 to develop potential opportunities in delivering initiatives and investment cases (in this instance coastal protection infrastructure) which would create value and reduce climate and disaster risk in the Inner and Outer Harbour areas of Port Adelaide. During this case study we have focused on building an investment case for Port Adelaide Enfield, by:

  • Identifying new value creation and funding strategies
  • Evaluating expanded community benefits and beneficiaries
  • Facilitating collaborative and coordinated partnerships.

This project has demonstrated a viable investment case that creates value for multiple beneficiaries through interventions that mitigate climate and disaster risks and create opportunities for building resilience and creating social, economic and environmental value that benefits local and regional communities.

What comes next?

The next stage of collaborative work, supported under the auspices of the Australian Climate Service,  is currently being scoped with Port Adelaide Enfield Council and the South Australian Government and will likely involve engaging with a wider set of stakeholders across the region. The next phase will focus on creating shared visions and a greater set of options and pathways for the region to adapt with its changing climate and build resilience to disruption and disaster. Where possible and appropriate, the next phase will build resilience investment cases and preparing funding and financing for specific priority interventions which could involve generating new cases or furthering the current discussions with project participants to progress the existing resilience investment case into a business case with project approval and funding.

It is expected these efforts and activities will not only bring benefits to communities and for the region it will serve as a demonstration of a successful resilience investment case developed using the Enabling Resilience Investment approach and will generate lessons and capabilities for subsequent scaling up.

Our report on Port Adelaide Enfield will be posted in late 2021.

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