Supporting Australia into large-scale future-ready investments, equitable recovery from recent disasters, proactive reduction of disaster risk and adaptation to climate change. This requires capacity building in areas such as our capabilities, competencies, governance and on-ground interventions.

TheĀ Enabling Resilience Investment approach is an engagement, planning and analysis process, underpinned by integrated analytical capabilities and expertise, which incorporates value creation and systemic risk mitigation into the design and delivery of current and future investments.

The Enabling Resilience Investment approach is a collaboration between CSIRO and Value Advisory Partners (VAP). Our team works in an ethical, collaborative way, forming partnerships with governments, business and industry, and civil society to co-design and co-learn about how to move into the emergent, disrupted future.

Enabling Resilience Investment Framework

The Enabling Resilience Investment Framework provides the over-arching framing of the engagement, assessment and learning activities, methodologies, and processes that make up the approach. These components help individuals at any level or stage of decision making to address their gaps in knowledge, reveal important tensions and trade-offs in value priorities, and create governance that generates a wider set of adaptive options and pathways.

The enabling resilience investment wheel showing three phases and eight modules