Distributed Algorithms

Our Group designs distributed algorithms for embedded systems that consider resource constraints, partial information at individual nodes, and overall system objectives. This body of work ranges from in-situ adaptation and learning, such as with generic programming, to distributed trust mechanisms such as in our optimised blockchain design for IoT security and privacy.

In-situ genetic programming

Embedded devices that sense the environment regularly observe new contexts and situations, yet their program logic for dealing with new contexts is typically static based on what programmers know at compile time. By allowing these devices to evolve their program logic in response to new contexts, we can ensure a high degree of versatility and adaptation in-situ without human involvement. We have demonstrated this concept for learning on mote devices and for personalisation of smart phones, where we implemented the first genetic programming framework on Android phones and allowed co-located smartphone to share their logic for quicker learning through the island model.

Optimised Blockchain for IoT Security and privacy

There has been increasing interest in adopting BlockChain (BC), that underpins the crypto-currency Bitcoin, in Internet of Things (IoT) for security and privacy. However, BCs are computationally expensive and involve high bandwidth overhead and delays, which are not suitable for most IoT devices. This project is designin a lightweight BC-based architecture for IoT that virtually eliminates the overheads of classic BC, while maintaining most of its security and privacy benefits. IoT devices benefit from a private immutable ledger, that acts similar to BC but is managed centrally, to optimize energy consumption. High resource devices create an overlay network to implement a publicly accessible distributed BC that ensures end-to-end security and privacy. The proposed architecture uses distributed trust to reduce the block validation processing time.

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